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Hey everyone! I’m sorry, I (the admin) have not been super active with the DA lately. There has been a number of very serious life issues going on right now. As a result I’ve had to set aside my personal projects and focus on these stupid problems. So for now. I’ll like to put this group on hiatus.
Cheers, I love you all and thank you for understanding.



Featured Artist

Alex Conall of Sunbow Publications is an artist in several mediums; they are particularly drawn to creating poetry and fiction, but also crochet, draw, and make jewelry. The attached poems (dedicated respectively to Hestia, Apollon, Athena, Demeter, and again Hestia) are part of their ongoing effort to use the gifts of the Mousai in honor of the gods.



“A Domestic Prayer”

O Hestia, the first and last,
and queen of kitchen fire,
please bless the forks and every glass,
and help me to inspire
a dinner table set for all
with food that’s made with love.
Please bless the pots, both large and small,
and knives, each oven glove.

I haven’t time to dedicate
to offerings and prayer,
for as usual dinner’s late,
and I’ve not swept the stair.
Still first and last are yours, of course,
and I pray as I clean:
please purify and reinforce
this home, O Kitchen’s Queen.

I work to earn my bread, so I’ve
no time to bake it right;
so much to do, I can’t take five,
nor sleep all through the night.
And someone has to sweep the floor
and get the laundry through,
which I guess is me once more—
the while, I think of you.

I wash each dish to meditate,
dust, sweep, and mop to cleanse
this home—I’m sure you can relate—
for family and friends.
The household tasks are your domain,
each chore a simple prayer.
Your rites need nothing that’s arcane:
just do the work of care.



“To Apollon of the Blood Bank”

Apollon Akesios
Apollon who heals

accept please my offering
of blood from my veins.

Apollon Epikourios
Apollon who succors

grant please my prayer
that the one who receives
this unit of blood
be swiftly healed
of their injury
or their illness
and that they take
no further harm.

Apollon Oulios
Apollon who heals

grant please my prayer
that the blood bank nurses
stay safe and healthy
and good at their jobs,
that they stay
gentle with the needle
and attentive to the donors
so that no one
comes to harm
under their care.

Apollon Alexikakos
pollon who defends against harm

grant please my prayer
that I recover swiftly
and stay in good health
that in eight weeks
I may safely
offer this again.

I thank you.



“Warrior Goddess”

All the poets say Her eyes are gray,
and gleam with light beyond a mortal’s ken.
She never wearies; mortal folk must sleep.
She fights in army’s vanguard—fights in front:
defender of the city and the folk
who make their homes therein: great warrior.
But do not ask Her help without attempt
to move your hands yourself to gain the goal:
She’ll gird you with your armor, give you sword,
and teach (perhaps) you how to use it well.
Your single combat it remains. You must—
unaided in the moment—fight to win.
A victory brings peace, and time to knit,
to spin, crochet, to cross-stitch, weave, and sew.
And in that too, Her gentle hands guide you.



“Ode to the Queen of Honeybees”

Sing praises for the strawberry, sweet red source of manganese and vitamin C.
Sing praises for the carrot, savory orange source of vitamin A.
Sing praises for the sunflower, savory yellow source of copper and vitamin E.
Sing praises for the broccoli, savory green source of selenium and vitamin K.
Sing praises for the blueberry, sweet blue source of antioxidants.
Sing praises for the blackberry, sweet purple source of fiber.

These and more are the gifts
You send up from the earth,
Queen Mother:
the apple and the apricot,
the onion and the okra,
the cardamom and coriander,
the green pepper and the grape.

Sing praises for the coffee bean, the kidney bean, the lima bean.
Sing praises for the cranberry, the raspberry, the cherry.
Sing praises for the chestnut, the coconut, the almond.
Sing praises for the tangerine, the mango, the papaya.
Sing praises for the peach, the pear, the pomegranate.

Buckwheat honey is the dark amber of Your eyes.
Goldenrod honey is the pale amber of Your hair.
Lavender honey is the sweetness of Your words.
Clover honey is the sunlight of Your smile.

We honor You, Queen Mother,
in every word of praise
to the food You give to us.

Blessed are the hands that touched this food.


“Domestic Goddess”

Hearth-keeper, home-keeper,
first, last, and greatest,
honored before and after all—
or once You were.
We have forgotten.

Someone needs to wash the dishes;
someone needs to launder clothes;
someone needs to sweep the floors;
someone needs to knead the bread.
These tasks are sacred to You.
We have forgotten.

When a woman does a man’s work,
she aspires to his place: glass ceiling breaker.
When a man does a woman’s work,
he demeans himself: a gender traitor.
If we ever knew why this
is not how it should be,
we have forgotten.

Women’s work is Your work,
You who keep the household turning,
hearth fire burning,
food prepared and kitchen clean—
it’s only women’s work and women’s work alone
in a world where men make money
and women make children.
Your high honor is
not to marry,
not to birth,
but to tend the home fire
in every house on earth.
We have forgotten.

While every hearth was Your altar,
where every home was Your shrine,
when every household honored You,
we remembered Your importance.
We have forgotten.

Please, Greatest,
help us remember.

Featured Artist: Markos Gage, host of Dionysian Artists

Featured Artist

I’m the host of this website – also a professional visual artist. Markos Gage, AKA: The Gargarean. I title myself as a Dionysian Artist.

There are many mediums I’m proficient in, but mostly work with digital, pastel and oils. As a natural calling I’m a sculptor but have been more focused on drawing… Really though, I find pastel and digital art sculptural so it fulfils my desire to carve things.

I work in an (what is often considered an unusual) artistic relationship with my partner. Together we design and develop large scale artworks.

I’m not very keen on talking about the meaning of our art so here are some examples.

Pan Fine Art Website

If you would like your artwork featured on the Dionysian Artists contact Markos at:



Any form of artwork may be submitted to the Dionysian artists, but it must meet some criteria:

1. Artwork must be devotional

2. Work should be owned by you

3. NSFW art can be submitted, however depending on how graphic the content is, it might only be featured on the tumblr website. (The tumblr is set as NSFW).

If you would like to submit artwork to the main website contact Markos Gage at
Facebook and tumblr are open to user submission. 

Featured Artist: ElSharra of WhiteRaven Creations

Featured Artist
ElSharra of WhiteRaven Creations is an artist in many mediums but her first love is mask making.  She finds inspiration in myths, traditions and lore of ancient cultures and loves making devotional pieces for modern pagans and reconstructionists.  She is open to commissions and is known to give ‘pagan discounts’ to people who want ritual or devotional objects created.
To see more of her work go to or visit her tumblr at
You can contact her at

If you would like your artwork featured on the Dionysian Artists contact Markos at:

About the Dionysian Artists and Vision



The name for the art movement is derived from the classical guild of artists called the Dionysiakoi Technitai (Artists of Dionysos). This guild was dedicated to Dionysos through the theatre and performance but the members were not exclusive worshipers of Dionysos. Some titles indicate that poets were dedicated to other gods under the auspices of Dionysos. A member seeking to join this art movement does not need to be dedicated to Dionysos to join, they are not even required to follow any Hellenic path as long as they consider themselves polytheist and producing artwork for the gods they may join.


Imagine a group of people with one specific goal: impressing our gods. It is a noble ambition. Your audience is divine thus, ideally, your art will be the absolute best.

So let’s provide a space where artists can come together to express themselves for their gods and also seek further help from others.

That is my vision.

Always Remember your Audience

A good chunk of western philosophy is based on what is beauty. What sets the standard of aesthetics? Thus far the answer has never been found as aesthetics is a human invention. So what if our audience is not human? What if it’s god itself? If we free ourselves of human impressing then the scope of our creative potential is limitless, liberated.

Comprehending your audience, the Divine, is key to the Artists of Dionysos.

What is Art?

Since the establishment of modern art, artists have striven to define what is art. The Modernist ideology generally considers that anything can be art as long as there is an artist to define it as art.

That is something I want to foster in this community. It does not matter what you do as long as it’s the best form of expression to the Gods.

Art submitted can be anything from photos, drawings, written word, poetry, music. Any form of expression.

So any art will do?

As pointed out above the definition of what is art is up to the artist. But the art here has to meet one criteria: it has to be considered devotional. In truth it is owned by the gods. That does not strip the artist of the rights of their work, they are free to do with it what they will, but the purpose of creation or designation is devotional. That is the only rule for this art movement.

An example of what I mean by this is: In ancient Greece the theatre was a sacred domain. Actors would express their work to an audience, but in doing so they would ‘give themselves’ to the gods. They suspend their own identities to take on the role they are acting. The performance is holy in itself and although it does exist in the eyes of the gods the audience brings the act into existence by appreciating it. By buying, watching and appreciating the audience allows art to continue to be made. This interchange between artist and admirer is the epitome of the ancient concept of Charis.

What is not acceptable?

Common sense should be used as judgement, anything that is illegal is not allowed. Anything that is contrary to the movements goals is forbidden. This includes material created with the intent to offend. The work provided must be dedicated to a deity. Must have some religious context.

What is religious context?

We will not judge anyone’s work based on their religion.

Any God? Any religion?

This has been designed with the intent of providing the polytheist / pagan community with its own space to share their work. But we acknowledge that some polytheistic paths intersect with monotheistic faiths. We will not forbid any religion.

More to come

Once Upon a Time


In a land far away a group of artists came together to form a guild. They called themselves the Dionysiakoi Technitai (Artists of Dionysos). This guild comprised of writers, actors, musicians and all assorted people involved in theatre troops including carpenters and backdrop artists.

As the Technitai’s reputation and power progressed they were recognised as the official guild of performers in ancient Hellas. Taking a role that may seem particular to us nowadays of artist-priests and also diplomats and spies.

Being artists they were apolitical as their craft was appreciate by all, but most importantly they were artists of the gods. Therefore they were granted special privileges compared to other citizens of the city states of Greece. In fact they became a state-onto-itself, officially granted the ability to transverse boarders without constrictions, living tax free and without fear of conscription.

If you want a comparison to modern institutions imagine something like Hollywood and the Vatican combined.

It’s often described as being the first trade union, the first international corporation, the first organised religious body. As an organisation it existed externally of national boarders and flourished well into the Roman period until it was abolished after Christian conversion.